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Added by moroz1999 at 11.02.2010:
Some great news about recent updates:
- we now have that great RSS feed for everybody
- usability is improved
- speed and perfomance are tweaked
Added by mau at 17.05.2009:
Blue moment - "a moment to yourself in a place where your thoughts can rest. Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate has been providing Finns with Blue Moments for over 80 years. The photographs taken by chocolate lovers of their own Blue Moment. The front of the wrapper shows the photograph "Siniset muodot", taken by Kristina Nieminen."
Added by mau at 14.02.2009:
Happy Valentines Day! Such lovely picture
Added by mau at 24.12.2008:
Added by moroz1999 at 04.05.2008:
Yesterday I've added some tricks to the guestbook code, making the life of spammers a bit harder. Let's see if it worked.
Added by mau at 13.01.2008:
The inventor of Toblerone, Theodor Tobler, was thinking of the legs of dancers which form a "V" when they are kicked high. He also modelled the colour of the packaging after the colourful clothes of burlesque dancers. Has come it to mind during visit to the Parisian cabaret « Folies Bergère ». "Toblerone" turned out from a combination of surname Tobler and italian word Torrone in translation meaning honey-almond nougat.
Added by mau at 13.01.2008:
Kalev: A mythical king of all Estonians reached the windy shores of this land on wings of a mighty Northern eagle. He married Linda, the proud maiden, their heir Kalevipoeg was to become a national epic hero.

Linda: Born from a grouse egg, Linda grew to become the wife of Kalev, the mythical king of Estonians. She gave birth to Kalevipoeg, the hero of the Estonian national epic.
Added by mau at 09.12.2007:
The chocolate factory "Panda" has made family chocolate by day of Independence of Finland. It is very great chocolate bar with original taste from the central Finland, but its chocolate bar is hard to break on pieces. The chocolate wrapper are expressive and worthy to this day.
Added by mau at 08.12.2007:
Chocolate wrappers of Swiss factory Arni are added.
Added by mau at 04.10.2007:
The section of Romania and Exchange is updated.
Added by mau at 29.09.2007:
New wrappers from England, Brazil, Egypt and Denmark are added. Thanks, ing.Stanislav Kramsky.
Added by moroz1999 at 01.09.2007:
Added sitemap generation to the robots.txt file for this site.
Added by moroz1999 at 17.07.2007:
Look ma, no tables!
I've managed to rebuild the whole design without using tables for HTML layout. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, because the whole site's layout is liquid and made with semitransparent png images. Added a javascript viewer script for full-size images.
There is a small bug with shadows in IE7, but I'll fix it as soon as I find out its cause.
Added by mau at 30.06.2007:
Added some old finnish wrappers.
Added by mau at 07.06.2007:
Added estonian wrappers and updated exchange section.
Added by mau at 05.06.2007:
Added wrappers from Latvia. And updated exchange section.
Added by mau at 17.05.2007:
Added some wrappers from Finland. You can see 1 new finland wrapper from 2007 years *Fami* and from 1950 years *Chymos factory*. Yesterday added wrappers from Romania. And thanks for Kinga Forika.
Added by mau at 11.05.2007:
Added wrappers from Zora, Lidka, Marysa, Tuzex conf. (Czech Republic). Thanks Peter Krnac from Slovak Republic.
Added by moroz1999 at 10.05.2007:
-Added some changes into menu structure, making it more logical.
-Added quick-navigation panel with countries, which will pop up if you move your mouse pointer to the very left side of the screen. Sorry, modern browsers only! (IE7, FF2, Opera9)
Added by mau at 15.04.2007:
Added wrappers from Brasil. Thanks, Luiz Carlos de Pinho.
Added by moroz1999 at 01.04.2007:
Selected design mode is now stored in browser cookies, so you don't have to use that temporary white start-up list every 15 minutes session expires :) Browser auto-detection and design selection from main page are coming soon.
Added by mau at 01.04.2007:
A recent decision of "Krasnyj oktjabr" factory management was accepted to declare a competition between muscovites through the newspaper « Evening Moscow » on a photo of a girl for a new "Aljonka" chocolate package, gathering a lot of responses with photos, some of that had even been used for a short amount of time.
In fact, an existing image on "Aljonka" chocolate has been taken from a photo of the designer's daughter who had been working at factory and took a part in development of design of packing.
Added by moroz1999 at 30.03.2007:
Corrected some HTML/CSS, so the site design doesn't break in lower display resolutions. Added some text to "LAST UPDATED" section.
Added by mau at 24.03.2007:
Added chocolate wrappers from Israel, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Argentina... Thanks, Lev Shomer from Israel.
Added by moroz1999 at 07.03.2007:
Managed to avoid some HTML/CSS code parts which are currently rendered wrong in Opera. This so called "fix" may also improve page rendering in IE7, didn't test it yet.
Added by mau at 04.03.2007:
It will be fast a holiday of Easter, by this day start shops to sell chocolate eggs, and in shops of Finland novelties from chocolate factories go on sale. One of such novelties to us has presented Cloetta Fazer. And also have been updated Swiss, Croatian, Spanish section of wrappers. Thanks for Sven Stabroth from Germany.
Added by mau at 02.03.2007:
Some new chocolate labels from Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia have been entered. The section of exchange is updated. Estonian chocolate factory "Kalev" has let out 2 new kinds of chocolate production: "Kalev” white chocolate with biscuit- and strawberry pieces 100g and "Kalev" tiramisu flavoured milk chocolate with biscuit pieces 100g
Added by mau at 25.02.2007:
"Czech Republic and Slovakia were since 1918 to 1989 two parts of one state called Czechoslovakia. In the Czech republic there were following chocolate factories - ORION (located in Prague), ZORA (located in Olomouc), SFINX (located in Holesov) and MARYSA (located in Rohatec). At the Slovak territory there were two factories only - FIGARO (located in Bratislava), DEVA (located in Trebisov). All these companies were owned by state, of course. In 1989 there were some political changes in Europe and great companies entered into our
economy. Czech factories were bought by NESTLE and the current owner of Slovak factroy FIGARO is company KRAFT. Slovak company DEVA was bought by Belgian firm LEONIDAS and it makes no chocolate, but pralines only" writed Peter Krnac - collector of chocolate wrappers from Slovak Republik.
Added by mau at 03.02.2007:
Hi! New wrapper from Finland - Karl Fazer exclusive thin white. My head goes around from tasty chocolate :)I have received pleasant surprise from softness of the Belgian chocolate from Ruokakesko Oy (Finland). It is very difficult to estimate taste of ecological chocolate from England, reminds taste of soap a little:)- Plamil Foods Ltd. Compare this chocolate to turkish chocolate (Ersa), it is very difficult to find distinctions. We shall notice only the same taste of alkali in a mouth. It is difficult to get rid of an originality of taste of diabetic chocolate (Canderel), but we know, that such type chocolate is necessary for much of us. I wish to note a good sign the Swiss dark chocolate of firm Chocolat Bernrain AG. Magic fluffy oil of cocoa thaws in a mouth and leaves a pleasant shade bourbon vanilla extrakt.
Added by mau at 27.01.2007:
Added chocolate wrappers from Germany, Chechoslovakia, China, Colombia, Croatia... Thanks, Martin Mihal from Czech Republic
Added by moroz1999 at 28.12.2006:
There is an old good QA saying: "Why do you call this build beta? -Coz it's beta than nothin'".

So, this is a beta version of a new site engine. I've tried to keep an old design for those of you having old/slow/buggy browsers. Hopefully, all irritating bugs and cosmetical issues would get fixed soon.
Added by Mau at 28.12.2006:
Added Milka brand wrappers. Thanks, Kinga Forika from Romania.
Added by Mau at 26.12.2006:
Updated Exchange section and added estonian wrappers. Thanks, moroz1999 and friends from Estonia.
Added by Mau at 25.12.2006:
Added wrappers from Belarus and Ukraine. Thanks, Viktor from Belarus.
Added by Mau at 25.12.2006:
Updated finland wrappers. Thanks, Ari Heiska from Kultasuklaa OY. Merry Christmas!
Added by Mau at 18.11.2006:
Added estonian wrappers. Thanks, SiriuS from Estonia
Added by Mau at 12.11.2006:
New! Added chocolate wrappers from South Africa. Thanks, Steven Herbert
Added by Mau at 12.11.2006:
Updated finland wrappers- There are 3 chocolate wrappers of the fiftieth years.
Added by Mau at 17.10.2006:
Updated russian section: Zolotaja Rus, Rossija (Samara), Russkij Shokolad, Slavjanskaja Rossija, Kraft Foods Russia, Bogatyr. Thanks, Viktor from Belarus.
Added by Mau at 16.10.2006:
Chocolate wrappers which have recently acted on the market from Finland and Sweden were added. Finland- Fazer "Dumle" Very tasty chocolate, but percent of the containment creamy toffee could be more. Finland- Tuko logistics Oy and one of their commodity brands Eldorado. Chocolate was rather mediocre, but the whole nuts have pleased me, they were high quality. Sweden - Kraft Foods Sverige, Marabou "Daim" - soft and unforgettable taste of a milk chocolate of this factory once again will please you, and also small caramel pieces will organically be entered in a flavouring picture of the given chocolate.
Added by Mau at 16.10.2006:
New!!! Austria-Kraft Foods, Sweden-Cloetta Fazer, Kraft Foods Sverige, Switzerland- Nestle Switzerland wrappers. Hello Sweden and thanks, poplitea.
Added by moroz1999 at 13.10.2006:
Yesterday some young bastards from Unknowns Security Group have defaced this little harmless website. What a shame for them!
Added by Mau at 25.09.2006:
Updated finland wrappers and exchange. Thanks, poplitea. New links was added chocolate wrappers collector from South Africa.
Added by Mau at 23.09.2006:
23 wrappers added from Poland. Updated exchange section.
Added by Mau at 22.09.2006:
10 wrappers from Netherlands added
Added by Mau at 18.08.2006:
Updated german section
Added by Mau at 17.08.2006:
Updated lithuanian section. "From Lithuania with Love"
Added by Mau at 16.08.2006:
Updated latvian section.
Added by Mau at 14.08.2006:
Updated estonian section. Familiar strangers. Many chocolate wrappers of firm " Kalev " are marked by a celebratory sign in honour of the two-hundredth anniversary of existence of factory.
Added by Mau at 19.02.2006:
Updated finland,german section.
Added by Mau at 18.02.2006:
Updated estonian section.
Added by Mau at 18.02.2006:
Updated latvian section and exchange section.
Added by Mau at 26.12.2005:
Updated german, estonian, latvian sections
Added by Mau at 16.12.2005:
Updated finland, german, poland, russian sections
Added by moroz1999 at 16.12.2005:
Updated section "Sort all by date" to "Show last 50 added". Decreased section html size and updated performance.
Added by Mau at 03.12.2005:
Updated estonian and german sections.
Added by moroz1999 at 20.10.2005:
We have changed our hosting because of some irritating problems with previous hosters. Unfortunately, some information has been lost, so I had to write some parts from the scratch. Please report all bugs found.
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